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The Architects of our Arts and Crafts style Houses in Australia

Arts and Crafts architects created some of the most thoughtful, beautifully crafted and inspired architecture in Australia's history.


Arts and Crafts Architecture

Between 1890 and 1930, a number of Australian architects and garden designers were heavily influenced by British and American Arts and Crafts movements.  

  • Arts and Crafts buildings are unpretentious and informal, evoking an atmosphere of comfortable familiarity.   

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Queensland Federation style Architect and
Pioneering Arts and Crafts Architect

Robert Smith (Robin) Dods


Very few Queensland architects had contributed to the architectural advancement of their State.

  • Of these few, the work of Robin Smith Dods must be acknowledged the most original and vital. [1]

  • Robin Dods ‘produced some of the finest, most gracious and sophisticated buildings this country has seen; inventing a language that was locally responsive and internationally admired.

  • During his 20-year tenure with Hall & Dods, the firm he joined with Brisbane Grammar School chum Francis Hall in 1896, Dods designed about 650 residential, commercial and religious buildings. [2]


Robin Dods was a home-grown designer who “built" Brisbane, according to leading local architect and historian Robert Riddel.  [1]

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7 Adeney Avenue Kew VIC 3101

Victorian Architects Ussher and Kemp

Iconic Federation style architecture

Beverley Ussher and Henry Kemp were Melbourne Architects who formed a "brilliant partnership". Both Ussher and Kemp had strong Arts and Crafts commitments, and both had been in partnerships before forming their own.[1] 

Beverley Ussher (born Melbourne 1868; d Melbourne, 9 June 1908) and
Henry (Hardie) Kemp (born in Broughton, Lancashire, UK, 10 March 1859; d Melbourne, 22 April 1946)

formed a partnership in Melbourne in 1899, which lasted until Ussher's death (1908).

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Milton Park animation


4 Clarence Street, BURWOOD NSW 2134 4.jpg
  1. Federation Architects of Sydney

  2. Federation mansions in NSW and their Architects

    1. Gower

    2. Babworth House

    3. Fairwater

    4. Hollowforth

    5. The Highlands

  3. Major NSW houses of Federation Queen Anne Style

    1. Ingleholme

    2. West Maling

    3. Vallambrosa

    4. Alba Longa

    5. Hazeldean (1898)

  4. Major NSW houses of Federation Arts and Crafts Style

    1. Booloominbah

    2. St Ellero,

    3. Craignairn (1909)

    4. Romahapa

    5. Travenna, Armidale 1889

    6. The Gables

    7. Mornington

  5. Major houses of Federation Bungalow Style

    1. Milton Park, Bowral

    2. Cassa Tasso

    3. The Highlands

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Architects of Federation Housing in Victoria​​

Melbourne Architects


Architects Beverley Ussher and Henry Kemp were at the forefront of the development of the domestic Queen Anne in Melbourne and Australia.

Early buildings such as

Campion College (formerly Dalswraith) of 1906, (Studley Park Road, Kew) and

Woodlands of 1888 (Woodlands Street, Essendon)

were instrumental in the development of the style to suit the typical suburban form which reached its peak in the first decade of the twentieth century. 


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More Notable Arts and Crafts Houses in Australia

  1. What to look for in an Arts and Crafts building

  2. ​Australian Capital Territory Arts and Crafts Architecture

  3. Queensland Arts and Crafts Style

Architect Robin Dods

  1. South Australian Arts and Crafts Style

  2. Northern Territory Arts & Crafts

  3. Western Australian Arts and Crafts Style


Hollowforth_146 Kurraba Road_Kurraba Point
  1. NSW government Architect Walter Liberty Vernon

  2.     Early Arts and Crafts Houses in NSW

  3. Architect John Horbury Hunt

  4. Architect George Sydney Jones 

  5.     Later Federation Era Arts and Crafts Houses of NSW

  6.     20th Century Arts and Crafts Designs

  7. Architect BJ Waterhouse


120 Tolosa Street, Glenorchy Image01.jpg


GLYN SOHE 2008 236.jpg

Arts of Living - Arts and Crafts Houses

Glyn, 224 Kooyong Road, Toorak, 1908​

Sir Edward Miller

Guyen Purchas

20th Century Arts and Crafts Designs  
Harold Desbrowe-Annear
Architect Rodney Alsop

Arts and Crafts Arcitects in Melbourne

Architect Walter Butler

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