• Jon Ruwolt

Point Piper's Most elevated address: Kilmory

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Kilmory, 6 Wentworth Street, Point Piper NSW 2027

Kilmory, 6 Wentworth Street, Point Piper

"Squatting on the highest knoll in Point Piper is an enormous house the size of 12 large three-bedroom homes. It has about 50 rooms, panoramic views over Sydney Harbour, a sweeping circular driveway and is set in gardens the size of 10 quarter-acre blocks. Kilmory is a mansion in anyone's language.

  • Despite its location and size, or maybe because of it, Kilmory lay empty until recently, slowly falling into disrepair. Former owner Rodney Adler had the house on the market for two or three years before eventually it selling to a developer earlier this year.

After ten years of consultation between Woollahra Council, the developer (Byrne Lewis Group), the State Heritage Office, architects and countless other interested parties, the property was converted into 11 luxury homes - seven apartments within the actual house and four new residences in the grounds.

  • As converted, Kilmory will join a series of palatial harbourside mansions, including Ardenbraught across the road, Gladswood House in Double Bay and, the most recent and high profile of mansion conversions, the 112-room,State Heritage-listed Babworth House in Darling Point, the former family home of Sir Samuel Hordern, as grand old homes which have been given a new lease of life."[1]

"Houses like this are mostly too big for today's market. Buildings like Kilmory can fall into disrepair quite badly and rapidly while waiting for an owner." Therefore, Caroline Pidcock argues that the next best way to preserve them is by their sensitive conversion into apartments.

  • And they have proved popular with buyers.

  • Five of Kilmory's seven apartments and two of its houses have already sold, although completion is not due until June 2005(2015)

  • Prices for Kilmory have so far ranged from $3.5 million to $5.5 million, with the largest apartment still available."

The grand size and scale of the buildings and the apartments are a big drawcard for buyers. Kilmory apartments range from 280-400 sq m and Babworth House's from about 300-550 sq m.

  • And unlike the mansion conversions in the1960s and '70s, the emphasis is now on preserving and restoring important heritage features.

  • Apartments in the Babworth and Kilmory developments feature

  • high ornate ceilings,

  • extensive oak panelling,

  • slate roofs and copper guttering.

  • Contemporary lifestyles are incorporated in the heated swimming pools, private lifts, and three-car garages.

  • The Royal Australian Institute of Architects NSW president, Caroline Pidcock, says conversions present a viable option for increasing the density of a suburb without changing its character, and offer another housing option for people who want to downsize within their local area.

  • "A lot of these mansions have rooms with fantastic proportions that feel fabulous to be in,"she says, "Owners can enjoy all of that without having a vast house to maintain and afford. It allows people to remain in their community."[2]

No. 6 Wentworth Street, Point Piper, known as Kilmory, is located on an elevated position on the northeastern bend of Wentworth Street, Point Piper