• Jon Ruwolt

Huge Potts Point Mansion for sale

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

UPDATED: Jonathan Chancellor reported on December 24, 2020 that Amber Symond, the wife of legendary mortgage broker, Aussie John Symond has spent $12.5 million on this Potts Point heritage mansion.

“Killountan will now return to its previous use as a private residence,” the vendor, Keith Wherry advised on its closure. The historic property will now become a home.

Right: Vendor Keith Wherry. Source: Jason Busch

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank our thousands, yes many thousands of guests, who have stayed with us for the past, almost twenty years, and also those in the decade before we took over,” Wherry said in a statement with partner, Marie Harland.

The hotel’s name came from Peter Simpson, who previously owned and ran the hotel before selling it to Wherry for $2.85 million in 2002.

The 1892 Challis Avenue trophy home has traded for over three decades as Simpsons of Potts Point, a 14-room boutique hotel. The Symond family intend to restore it as a private residence.

Simpsons, 8 Challis Avenue Potts Point NSW

This freestanding early Federation Queen Anne property is located in Challis Avenue, one of Potts Point’s best streets, and while now operating as a boutique hotel, it would be re-imagined as a grand home.

Killountan was featured in Michael Cannon’s Our Beautiful Homes: Australia’s upper middle class in the Edwardian Age.

  • It was during the 1920s when the house, then known as Belgravia, was split into six apartments.

  • They were earning 320 pounds annually when offered for sale in 1944.

Then in the late 1980s, the Farris family undertook a year-long restoration.

  • Without ostentation, its facade was a statement against the vulgarity of Victorian architecture of the day.

  • There was red brick with stained glass windows and timber ornamentation.

Its now restored decorative elements were reserved for inside with -

  • missing mouldings replaced,