• Jon Ruwolt

Mosman, the Federation Suburb

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Two Sydney suburbs claim to be the 'Federation Suburb': both Haberfield and Mosman. Both were developed in the period following the Federation of Australian states from 1901 to 1915, but only one of these suburbs has water views and 'merchants mansions'.

Trelawney House 63 Bradleys Head Road, Mosman

Haberfield development bylaws only allowed single-story development and the use of the single company architect to ensure each house had a unique design.

The development of Mosman was in the hands of many developers, most notably Smith and Cabban, who built the large Federation mansions on Bradleys Head Road which now fetch upwards of $10 million each, since they have tennis courts and swimming pools, space which is lacking in Haberfield.