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Federation Suburbs and Precincts

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Season's greetings to all of you! And a happy New Year too, marked by Queen Anne celebrations found by viewing the new movie "The Favourite" which sounds like a 'hoot'. Enjoy yourselves won't you!

By the by, our houses celebrate the 'Queen Anne Revival' rather than 'Queen Anne' herself. Queen Anne turns out to be very fussy, and so are the houses named for her.

Our Federation house design was indeed born of the wealthy and celebratory Edwardian era known for "Ostentatious Glamour", which describes the spirit and aspirations of our house design back then. Read more at "Edwardian Style".

Habefield the Garden Suburb

Your blogger has recently added three new pages to the 'Federation-House' website.

  1. Following on from "Mosman, the Federation suburb" is a new page on "Haberfield, the Garden suburb". For Haberfield's preservation we have to thank Vincent Crow who has been on the case since the 1970's and for it was awarded an OAM. Thank you Vincent! (from all of us) Haberfield also likes to be known as the "Federation Suburb", since it has one thousand Federation houses designed by architects, all of which are different. These are technically described as 'cottages' and none are of the 'Merchant Mansion' size achieved in Mosman (apart from "The Bunyas").

  2. I have then revisited a post on the Malvern East area of Melbourne, based on the "Gascoigne Estate", which features a swag of architect-designed Federation Queen Anne houses, most notably designed by architects Ussher and Kemp.

The Gables, 15 Finch St Malvern East, by Ussher and Kemp

3. Lastly, I reviewed an old post on "Art Nouveau in Malvern East" and have updated it on this website. Which got me thinking about William Morris and all his design work, so i have added some material of relevance. The V&A Museum has Wm Morris in spades. Many of his designs are still available today.

Art Nouveau in Malvern East

The Wallpapers of William Morris were most desirable in the Edwardian era, and I know that two stately Adelaide establishments, "Urrbrae House" and "Carrick Hill" still feature them. Probably some of my readers still have them too. Not to mention his carpets, furniture fabrics, and in one Malvern East house, wainscoting (with a matching design in wallpaper!)

All the best for 2019 and may we all continue to love our beautiful old homes for their fine workmanship and their (glamorous) style!

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