• Jon Ruwolt

1918-era 'mansion' "Warwick"

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Jonathan Chancellor has reported in 'Property Observer' and in the 'Weekend Australian' (14 FEBRUARY 2019) the availability of

'Warwick' listed in tightly held Centennial Park

Warwick, 48 Martin Road, Centennial Park, NSW

"Ever since Federation, the vantage points overlooking Centennial park have been a desired location.

"The best views are found on Martin and Lang roads, that directly face the public parklands proclaimed by governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1811."

Jonathan Chancellor goes on to mention that Martin and Lang roads hold 18 of Centennial Park's top 20 house sales.

There have been six Centennial Park homes that have broken through the $10 million barrier, the first in 2006.

He then lists the three top (Federation) homes of Centennial Park:

The Top three houses of (Federation) Centennial Park, NSW

1. Braelin, 44-46 Lang Road Centennial Park

Last year it was the tech-billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and his wife Annie who secured a $16.5 million record for Braelin, set on a 2149 square metre Lang Road parcel which had cost $12 million in 2015.

Video: Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes buys Centennial Park mansion

The single storey 1918-era mansion, which sold to the philanthropic couple, Brian and Gene Sherman through The Agency agent Ben Collier, was designed by architect Donald Esplin for lord mayor of Sydney, Sir Allen Taylor.

The family of the Atlassian co-founder were off to Double Bay with $100 million Fairwater in their sights.

2. Crossways, 50 Martin Rd, Centennial Park

Crossways,  50 Martin Rd, Centennial Park NSW