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Brisbane's most expensive home

Wingfield Ave Pty Ltd, a company owned by Gina Reinhard, Australia's richest woman, bought a palatial riverfront Queenslander at Aaron Avenue, Hawthorne, in August 2014. At the time of the deal it was the highest residential property sale in Brisbane, at $18.5 million.

The mansion is built in a Queensland version of Federation Queen Anne style.

In May 2018, property records reveal it has now been transferred into Rinehart’s name personally. The house and adjoining block cover 4545 sqm of prime riverfront land.

The properties at Aaron Ave, Hawthorne have changed hands in this “beneficial interest’’ sale to Rinehart.

Rinehart purchased a neighbouring block as a privacy buffer later.

in August this year she made an application for development approval on the property with a favourable decision coming through early in September (2010). The property is not listed on Brisbane's heritage register.

The extension will see Ms Rinehart add a master suite complete with lounge room – almost a granny flat of sorts – to the property. The new bedroom itself will be housed within a proposed new rotunda.

The development approval was granted for work to be carried out between now and 2022.

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