• Jon Ruwolt

'Gracious' Gordon Federation standouts

Ku-ring-gai Federation Heritage, Part 1 - Gordon

Note: Ku-ring-gai Council has about 40 Heritage Conservation Areas; view most of the listed areas here. Ku-ring-gai residents are fighting redevelopment pressures - Read more....

The heritage of Ku-ring-gai comprises a rare blend of fine domestic architecture within a landscape of indigenous forests and exotic planting and gardens.

  • Ku-ring-gai is `a municipality of national and cultural significance for its fine collection of twentieth-century domestic architecture, which is of high aesthetic, historic, scientific and social values, benefiting past, present and future generations. 

  • Many of the older homes are architect-designed and surrounded by attractive gardens.

  • The established landscape and visual character of Ku-ring-gai need to be preserved and enhanced.

The character of Ku-ring-gai is defined by

  • Large indigenous and exotic trees whose canopies form the skyline, characterise the streets and dominate garden spaces throughout the whole area; and

  • The unique presentation of private gardens which are given due importance in residential settings and designs.

  • Remnants of indigenous forests and Blue Gum High Forests* within the municipality.

There are way too many to examine here, and anyway not all are Federation-era houses.

So here are my pick of the Federation-era listed sites in this Ku-Ring-Gai Council area. 

  • NB The earliest listed local heritage house nominations (Municipality of Ku-ring-gai heritage study, 1987) are not available on the web, and in the Federation era there was a Ku-RIng-Gai Council fire (when?) which destroyed most paper records, especially of building approvals. 

  • The distinctiveness of Ku-ring-gai lies in the fact that it was developed progressively throughout its history as the needs of the community grew, with input and interaction between residents, architects and development.

  • Ku-ring-gai is distinctive enough to compare favourably with other exemplary garden suburbs in England and America particularly

  • Bedford Park in London,