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Waterfront Drummoyne Federation home the most viewed listing...

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The Charming Federation Housing of Drummoyne NSW

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"The little known Harris family have listed the imposing Drummoyne riverfront, Clovelly, a substantial, two storey Federation house with $8 million hopes."

  • "Built of red brick with pebble dash featuring in its chimneys, it was built about 1904 for Stanley Rea, a dentist.

  • "There have only been two families in ownership since the historic treasure was built with its 22 metre frontage to Drummoyne Bay.

  • "It goes to June 30 private auction through local agents Warwick Williams and Adrian Sereni." (Property Observer TROPHY HOMES 30 MAY 2018)

1 Drummoyne Avenue Drummoyne NSW 2047

Drummoyne sits on the peninsula between Iron Cove and Five Dock Bay. It is surrounded on three sides by Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River and, as such, has some of Sydney's best waterfront views. Drummoyne neighbours the similarly historic Five Dock and Abbotsford.

Drummoyne was originally part of a land grant to Colonial Surgeon John Harris. In 1841 part of that grant between Thompson and Millar Streets was subdivided and advertised as “40 minutes row from Sydney”.

  • In 1853, William Wright bought a large chunk of the subdivision and called it “ Drummoyne” after his family home in Scotland.

  • William Wright was a merchant, whaler and sealer who bought land in the northern part of the area in 1853. The property was bounded by present day Lyons Road and Victoria Road.

  • Drummoyne House was built in the Georgian Classical style. It was rectangular in plan with a hipped roof with a concave verandah across the entire front and returned along each side.

  • He named it Drummoyne Park after his family home at Drummoyne on Clyde in Scotland. In Gaelic, Drummoyne means "flat topped ridge".

The city view to the East

The area remained a long row from the city until the 1880’s when construction of the Iron Cove and Gladesville bridges, and the arrival of the tram, caused a boom. Drummoyne’s new ease of access to the city, and its sublime siting by the harbour swiftly made it a desirable address.

  • Drummoyne is linked to Rozelle by the Victoria Road and Huntleys Point by the Gladesville Bridge. Victoria Road, one of Sydney's busiest roads, cuts through the heart of Drummoyne en route to the Sydney CBD.

  • Victoria Road's presence makes the CBD transport hub extremely accessible, as numerous and frequent bus routes from Sydney's west merge in Drummoyne. However, it also leads to a bottleneck during the morning and evening peaks.