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Call for Federation interior Film Set

A cry for a suitably grand Federation interior for a lavish film location.

A Sydney film production company needs to find a suitable home to film in for the next production they are working on.

The film being made is "The Narrow Road To The Deep North" based on the 2014 Booker winning novel of the same name by Tasmanian author Richard Flanagan.

They have many scenes set in a grand manor house, and as all of the scenes are set in the 1940's they are looking for a house that is close as possible to being period correct.

While the architectural style does not necessarily need to be Federation, the director has indicated this would be his preference.

However, any style of housing that predates 1940 would work, provided it has an inherent grandeur to the property.

They are hoping that there may be some houses that you are familiar with that you could suggest would be worth us approaching to see if they are open to filming?

The Film director is Justin Kurzel, and his first film (many years ago!) was the critically acclaimed ‘Snowtown’.

If you feel you have some ideas i would be very interested to hear from you, doubly so if you happen to know the owners to the property and are able to provide and introduction!

Kind regards Chris Reynolds 0407 443 080

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Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds

Thank you for posting this to your website Jon, this is much appreciated! For any homeowners that are interested in the possibility of filming at their home feel free to contact me by phone (0407 443 080) or email ( and i will answer any questions you have. Regards, Chris Reynolds (Location Manager for 'The Narrow Road To The Deep North')

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