• Jon Ruwolt

Forest Lodge and Garden

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

'Forest Lodge' House, buildings and garden is an example of the grand houses and gardens constructed for Adelaide's wealthy in the Adelaide Hills in the nineteenth century.

  • "Forest Lodge" is listed in the top three of such estates: “Forest Lodge”, “St.Wilfreds”, and “Wairoa”.

This landmark Adelaide Hills property includes more than six hectares of heritage-listed gardens, and has now hit the market. It will be only the second time in nearly 130 years that the home will change hands.

  • The grand eight-bedroom, three-bathroom mansion, known as Forest Lodge, at 19 Pine Street, Stirling was listed in February 2020 with hopes of between $4.8 million and $5.2 million.

'Forest Lodge' has been associated, since its establishment, with various members of the Bagot family.

Charles Hervey Bagot, SA migrated to South Australia in 1840
Charles Hervey Bagot (1788-1880)
  • Charles Hervey Bagot migrated to South Australia with his wife and five children in 1840.

  • In 1842 his youngest son found copper on the family's property near the River Light.

  • The Kapunda Copper Mine was the result, commencing in 1844 to become an extremely rich mine.

John Bagot (1849–1910) was educated at St. Peter's College, then for several years worked for the National Bank of Australasia. In the 1870s he and his brother C. M. Bagot (1852–1899) took up the Peake cattle run, between Warrina and Lake Eyre, which they continued to run until around 1900.

John Bagot (1849–1910)

He married Lucy Josephine Ayers (c. 1857 – 11 May 1945), a daughter of Sir Henry Ayers, on 24 September 1878.

  • 'Forest Lodge' was established by John Bagot in c.1890, a grandson of C H Bagot and himself a wealthy man.

  • Built in the manner of an English country house, this property had been continuously owned and occupied by the Bagot family - until 2002 when it was sold by Dr. Christopher Bagot, of Melbourne, to the current vendors.

Forest Lodge has a turret, stained-glass windows and stunning garden.

  • A lot of the classic homes built around that time had a turret to watch the ships come in; while Forest Lodge isn’t near the water, it has stunning views of the gardens around the home.

'Forest Lodge' was designed by the architect Ernest Bayer and was constructed by Walter C Torode using local stone.

The style is a Victorian rendition of the 'trendy' gabled "Queen Anne" style popularized by British architects such as