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Tudor 'Woodgate', Thorngate

Woodgate is an imposing Tudor manor overlooking Adelaide which has just sold for $6m. and is prestigiously positioned on Fitzroy Terrace, Thorngate SA.

The estate dates from 1912, and includes a lawn tennis court.

It is set on spacious grounds with beautiful established gardens with private access via Fitzroy Terrace.

`Woodgate' is an outstanding and early example of Federation Old English architecture (Tudor Revival) (built 1912-1913) in South Australia, displaying many of the key characteristics of the style, notably:

  • picturesque asymmetry;

  • vertical proportions;

  • imitation half-timbering to multiple gable ends;

  • red-face-brick walls; and

  • extensive interior detailing

  • including timber beams and mouldings to ceiling,

  • timber door and window surrounds,

  • multi-pane windows

  • and bespoke fireplaces.

Historian Kenan Henderson believes that this design is from Eric Phillips Dancker, just after graduating into his father's FW Dancker and Son architectural business.

FW Dancker was a prominent architectural firm that operated in South Australia from 1880 to 1944 and was known for the quality of its residential designs.

F. W. Dancker & Son are responsible for over 320 residential designs over a sixty year period, an enormously prolific contribution to Adelaide's residential landscape.

These homes, largely consisting of comfortable, artistic dwellings intended for middle-class lifestyles, have largely survived intact where the sprawling grand mansions of other Federation period architects have not survived.

Built in the Edwardian period before WW1, the characteristic Edwardian use of timber in the interiors is remarkable and lavish. (below gallery, click < or > to views)

This dwelling also influenced the wider adoption of the Inter-war Old English style in South Australia during the 1920s and 1930s.

Woodgate's interior layout and use of materials closely follows the design tenets proposed by Frederick Dancker in his 1904 Modern Dwellings publication.

However, the design of `Woodgate' also established a new detailed direction for the firm as Frederick's son, Eric Dancker transitioned from student to partner in his father's company.

Gallery of Woodgate's exterior: (click < or >)

Heritage: Status Code REG - Confirmed as a State Heritage Place in the SA Heritage Register Status Date 08-DEC-2022

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