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Australia's most expensive Suburb

Wolseley Road in Sydney's Point Piper, is a nearly 1km-long street lined with lavish waterfront properties, and is Australia’s most expensive street. That is according to brokerage Ray White, which collected the data between November 2019 and November 2022.

A typical home on that road in posh Point Piper suburb, costs $33 million, which is more than 40 times the national median, Global Mansion reported.

However this Arts and Crafts design in Point Piper, built around 1900, is now Australia's most expensive house:

This house (above) is named Uig Lodge after a Scottish Island resort, pictured here (right):

The above four-bedroom house in Point Piper was sold for $130 million to Scott Farquhar and his wife, who were renting 'Barford' in Bellevue Hill.

  • "Uig Lodge sold for $30 million more than the previous national house price record.

  • "Attlassian founder, tech billionaire Scott Farquhar and his wife, investment banker Kim Jackson have walked away from the renovation of their old John Fairfax home, 'Elaine' (due to the significant amount of time needed to renovate it to modern standards).

  • "The fully restored four-bedroom house they bought is on the highest point in Point Piper, and is historically known as the Scottish baronial mansion, Uig Lodge."

  • The sale smashed all house price records across the country, and has reset Australia’s house price record at $130 million."

"The landmark residence was sold privately by rag traders Steven and Carol Moss, ending their more than a quarter of a century ownership since they purchased it in late 1996 for what was then a non-waterfront record of $9.2 million."

Farquhar, the co-chief executive and co-founder of the Nasdaq-listed software giant Atlassian, already owns one of Australia’s most expensive houses, (pictured below) Elaine, also in Point Piper, purchased five years ago for $71 million.

Scottish Baronial style

Not one, not two, but THREE Point Piper 'mansions' are built in so-called Scottish Baronial style, of which the classic example is the Royal Family's Balmoral Castle (below), which is a relatively NEWLY built castle, completed in 1856 and the old castle demolished:

Scottish Baronial is a Gothic Revival architecture, and an expression of romanticism, thus the Scots baronial style is "a Caledonian reading of the gothic".

Here are the other two Point Piper 'Scottish Baronial" example, with barely a spire or gothic window to be seen:

2. Kilmory, also built on a high point in Point Piper, and now renovated into separate apartments, and an obvious Federation Arts and Crafts style mansion:

'Point Piper's Most elevated address Kilmory': (featured in Aug 12, 2019)

and the third, down near the residence of Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull, on Woollahra Point,

3. Ardenbraught, 23 Wentworth Street Point Piper. This view of Ardenbraught shows the wide, enclosing and protective roof typical of Arts and Crafts style. Take away the stone facing and the Scottish Baronial style also disappears. No gothic spire, pointed window or turret at all.

Ardenbraught was built in 1903 for prominent barrister Cecil Stephen KC, his wife Alice and their nine children, and converted in 2002 by property developer Roger Brock’s Northbourne Estate. Ardenbraught was built of locally quarried sandstone, faceted by Pyrmont 'Yellowstone', and later converted into apartments.

All of these stone buildings are featured in the new page - Federation Heritage of Point Piper NSW

However NONE of these homes are on Australia's most expensive street, Wolseley Road, Point Piper. The Federation style houses I have featured on Wolseley Road are:

Did you know that a boatshed on Wunulla Road, Point Piper, with swimming pool, sold for $33 million recently? And you'll never guess who bought it.

And this ghostly image is Herewai, now replaced by a Rydges concrete construction, this beautifully complex Federation house was the home of Frank Hurley OBE and his family.

Read about this and more at the new page - Federation Heritage of Point Piper NSW

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